cp4 I've decided to do a couple of recommendations for some vendors I like for the wedding industry. We've been working with a lot lately (an upcoming project I can't wait to share with you all soon!) and I'm so impressed by these group of professionals I wanted to share their info with you.

Wenning Entertainment. I first introduced you to Eric Wenning through my 5 Question Interview Series and this guy just impresses the heck out of me. He's a business owner and DJ. He's young and energetic and has pretty much taken the world by storm with his national business. Not only does he own his own business, employs lots of other DJs, but he also continues to DJ himself. I've seen him in action twice and all I can say is FUN FUN FUN! He's very engaging with his crowd but not in an obnoxious way that a lot of us have the unfortunate familiarity with. He's also very professional, good ethics, and just a joy to be around. He's worth every penny!

Lavish Events Wedding Planning Services. You also first met Kara Marie through my 5 Question Interview Series. She's got it together for sure. She's totally on top of her game, knows all the ins and outs of planning a wedding and can get you deals you never knew existed. She's savvy in her dealings with other vendors and I swear she could talk the sun into buying a fireplace to keep warm in the winter. She's good at what she does plus she's just a true professional you can count on.

Jody's Pantry--Catering & Confections. As you can see from her website, Jody specializes in more "food station" type of catering and the food just looks too good to eat! Each plate looks like a work of art and what Jody does with food just baffles the mind. And have you seen the cakes?? GORGEOUS. We've been in talks with Jody a lot lately and all I can say is that she is professional, creative and really into what she does. If you're looking for someone that you can trust for melt-in-your-mouth yummies plus a look of elegance with a modern flair then Jody's Pantry is for you.

Alex's Flowers. Alex is just a great guy that wants to make his customers happy. He's been in the business for a long time and knows how to get you what you want. He's very informative and really strives to create art with the beauty of his flowers. We recommend you check him out for all your floral needs.

These are the main vendors we'll be working with on an upcoming project. We'll be making a big announcement regarding this project on April 13 so make sure to stop back and see what we're up to!

I also have one venue I'd like to share. We love this place because there are so many rooms and knooks and crannies for some great shots with couples. If you've never seen The Twentieth Century Club in Oakland and are looking for a venue you should check this place out. The pictures on their site unfortunately don't do their building justice. You have to go see it in person to get a good idea of the place. It has an old-world a place you'd go to back in the 40's to listen to a big band. It's elegant with lots of options for dining and dancing. They have 3 floors so you can easily separate your dining area from your dance area plus there's a lot of lounging areas for your guests to take a break and hang out with friends. They also have their own catering staff which makes the planning easy. We've shot both wedding/reception combos there and also just receptions. It has a very high-end feel. Take a peek if you're in the market!