Why I like Shooting Intimates...

ebeth-014-11 I have recently started to shoot Intimates with my female customers and I have realized that I just love it. I have always enjoyed photographing women so being a part of the wedding day has been a no-brainer for me....beautiful women, dressed magnificently, glowing like never before....no-brainer. :)

I enjoy it because there is no rush for time, I can play with low-lighting to manipulate the mood of photos, and I get to help bring out a side of a woman that she rarely lets out. When I posted photos from my first Intimates Shoot I had SO many women contact me saying they were beautiful and how they wish they had the guts to do something like that. My first response was that EVERY woman should do this. We all deserve to make ourselves feel sexy, beautiful and uninhibited.

What I love most about shooting Intimates is that it is documenting where you are in that exact moment in the journey of your life. I always tell my customers "all wrinkles, scars and cellulite are welcome" because it is about YOUR beauty, not the idea of beauty sold on your television everyday. When I did my first Intimates Shoot with my husband I wasn't even considering opening this line of photography yet. I did it because when my daughter grows up and looks back at pictures of me I want her to know I wasn't just sweatpants and cookie dough. I am fierce, sexy, complicated, funny and fearless...and so are you. :)