Female Focus Workshop Update

Had a GREAT time last night at Annie O'Neill's studio for the Female Focus: Two-Session Photography Workshop with Annie O'Neill through Silver Eye Photography Center. It was fantastic to sit around talking shop with individuals on all levels of photography. Annie was also nice enough to set up 3 lighting stations (umbrella, soft box, strobe) so that we could all take a turn to learn a little about lighting. Lots of good tips, lots of good people and lots of good smiles (although in my experience there aren't any bad smiles :) ) Next Wednesday is the part deux to this workshop and I'm very much looking forward to it. We'll be listening to some interesting information about women and our history in the field of photography. Plus I hear there will be wine and chocolate...I'M IN!

This first photo is taken in a corner with a soft box for lighting. You can see how the light wraps around her. It is spread pretty much spread evenly in the background of the photo.


This second picture you can see is SO different in terms of lighting. All that was added was a baffle to the soft box (think of a window blind attached across the front). It's amazing what such a small adjustment made in this photo. It changed the entire mood of the photo. Same white background, just the lighting was contained a little more.


Hard at work! :)


This was the strobe station. As you can see, the light is very specific in its direction and is not thrown anywhere. Think "interrogation". :) Shots from this type of lighting are really cool. Everything is black pretty much except exactly where the light falls.