5 Question Interview Series with Kristen Joy

Well it's that time again for my 5 Question Interview Series...so....say hello to Kristen Joy! Kristen is an amazing photographer here in the Pittsburgh area and specializes in weddings and kids. She's what I like to call a "mompreneur" just like me. :) If you have the chance, drop by her site and say hi. Also--make sure to take a peek at her blog. splash_logo1

(1) How did you get into photography in general? When I became interested in photography I was in high school my Mom paid for my camera and brought me to a few local shops for classes. When I really became interested again in photography was when my daughter Kylee was born. I took her to so many photo places (Sears, Kiddie Candis ) and never found what I wanted. My Grandma gave us a $1000 check for having a new baby and I decided to spend it on a camera. I had a vision with Kylee that the other stores couldn't see, and that was her true personality! Photographing weddings? When I moved to Pittsburgh I met a few of my friends at a local park, turned out one of the ladies' husband was a wedding photographer. He held a few classes and after going on one wedding with him (David Burke Photographers) I knew this was what I wanted. I booked a wedding the next month I was so excited!

(2) What keeps you motivated/where do you get your inspiration? I find my inspiration for photography through people. Every one has such a different story to tell and when I can capture a moment of their story it inspires me! I also find so much of my inspiration through my beautiful children, this may sound repetitive, but they grow so fast, I want to capture every moment!

(3) What is your favorite piece of equipment and why? My favorite piece of equipment has to be Lightroom 2, it keeps me organized, and grows me as a photographer.

(4) Do you have any other artistic outlets other than photography? I love to draw, I have been drawing since I was a child, I used to tell my Dad I would be an artist when I grew up, now I am! The funny part is I always would look to photographs for inspiration. Now I can draw from my own photographs.

(5) What advice would you give to a couple looking to hire a wedding photographer? Find a photographer that has a beautiful personality and is someone who wants to tell your story the way you see it. The photographer should be someone that you can get along like a friend, after all they are going to be with you on your most important day.