Craig Photography Secret to Good Health

cr-001 For just THREE EASY PAYMENTS of just $19.95 you can get this fabulous 32 lb. child weight!  Throw away those bar bells, use that treadmill for the closet it was meant to be!  Resistance bands be damned!  This 32 lb. child weight easily sits on your back while doing sit-ups, lays nicely in your arms during squats, and for the very brave and strong, this child weight can EVEN SIT UPON  YOUR SHOULDERS while doing lunges!  That's right folks, for just THREE EASY PAYMENTS OF $19.95 this miracle fitness tool can be yours.

As an added extra bonus we'll even include all smiles, giggles and general amusement.

***Shipping and handeling not included.  Package includes unlimited smiles and giggles.  Tickling and out-right laughter included at additional cost.  30-day money back guarantee.