Silver Eye Female Focus Workshop

Very excited to tell you about an upcoming workshop I'm attending. Don't know if you've ever heard of Silver Eye Center for Photography but this place is great. They continually hold workshops, classes and seminars with different areas of focus (pun totally intended) for photographers. They also include children's programs and writing classes as well (John attended a 6 week writing class recently and absolutely loved it). If you're not familiar, I recommend you take a look at their site! The workshop I'm going to attend next week is called Female Focus: 2 Session Photography Workshop with Annie O'Neill. Two things I'm siked about here: 1--it's a female focused workshop. You may think I'm being sexist but I have to say, if you've ever really inspected the photography work of women vs. the photography work of men, you'll see that we do shoot differently. John shoots from a very big picture, straight line, sharp angular perspective. I tend to shoot close-ups while highlighting softness and curves. That's what makes us a great team! You get the best of both worlds! :) So I'm pleased to be attending a workshop that specifically highlights women in photography. 2--I get to learn from Annie O'Neill. Annie photographs weddings but she also takes on other photography projects as well. She is published and has also been involved in group exhibitions. I'm looking forward to hearing her perspective on photography and also hopefully picking up some new info from her impressive history in photography. If you have a minute make sure to check her out.

I'll be posting my thoughts on this interesting workshop soon!