Just a Few Details...

I absolutely LOVE detail shots in wedding photography. Whether you know the person or not, this type of photograph always seems to evoke emotion. We were so happy to photograph Beth Ellyn and Lenny's wedding day this past weekend. It was so beautifully and tastefully done. Here are a few detail shots from their day. More to come soon! Beth Ellyn was trying to infuse her "something old" into her day and she was able to pin her grandmother's earrings into her gown. It was so gracefully done.


This is one of my favorite shots. No explanation needed, you know exactly what is going on. I love it when I can get in really close and have one small spot right in focus and everything else is blurred out.


Beth Ellyn had the loveliest shoes. I liked that she went outside the norm and steered away from the conventional white shoes. When you see her dress in full you'll understand that she had a knack for knowing what looked good on her. :)


Here's a tiny glimpse of part of the dress. Don't you love those two little flowers?? This wouldn't work on some women but Beth Ellyn pulled it off beautifully. Normally I'm a simple kinda gal but this really worked for her. Her gown was one of the most graceful I've seen. And again, she knew exactly what looked best on her. She couldn't have chosen a better gown for herself.