Family Photo Shoot

Hello All!  Hope everyone is well and happy!  We've been busy getting ready for the upcoming season but decided to take some time to have a Family Photo Shoot day...being photographers you'd think we had tons of pics of us all together but you'd be wrong...we're always on the other side of the camera!  So we asked our good friend David Burke of David Burke Photographers to take some photos of us and WOW he did a magnificent job.  We were absolutely thrilled with our shots...take a look!  And if you're in the market for some great family shots, look up David.  He's a fantastic guy with a very talented eye. This is our favorite, since we actually got a good smile out of Ella. :)




LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this one....the only one that I love equally is the one below it!



This is so us...such love! :)