Mike & Nicole Reedy

Hi All! I hope everyone had a great Christmas. We did! Taking a little time off to spend with family is always a good break. Santa came and all is well in the house of Craig. :) We've been very very busy but we've actually slowed down quite a bit with weddings for a while (PHEW!). But I thought I'd upload some photos from a past wedding that I thought you all might like. Mike & Nicole got married over the summer/fall and we had a GREAT time with these two. They were hilarious, so much fun and really pulled off one of the most entertaining weddings we've ever been two. All day both of them were all smiles and full of good humor and good jokes. We could barely keep up with them.

Normally I don't upload quite this many photos but there is so much to see I didn't want to leave anything out!

How cute is this?? Mike & Nicole had a personalized coloring book made up for all the kids that attended their wedding. This was the first time I had seen anything like this and I thought it was so adorable.

Reedy 51

Mike & Nicole had their wedding and reception at Betsy's Barn at McConnell's Mills. So the "country theme" kind of scared me a little but I have to say, Nicole pulled it off brilliantly. She had so many fine, creative and fun details that it really came off with such elegance. These "potted name tags" were the table seatings. I thought it was such a nice touch.

Reedy 80

And here are some pics of the lovely couple. The weather was gorgeous and again, they were both so excited that it all came very easy for us. I love the look on Mike's face in this one.

Reedy 76

Yes...a little Photoshop never hurt anyone...

Reedy 110

Their package included an 8x10 photo and this was the one they chose, which I loved. Not many couples in the end will actually purchase "off the cuff" shots. They normally buy the more traditional poses so I really liked that Mike & Nicole chose a more photojournalistic shot.

Reedy 114

I loved the lines that John caught in this shot. They appear to be curving but that's just the angle he shot at. Cool, huh?

Reedy 116

Not much you can say about this one...adorable.

Reedy 121

John grabbed this shot too. SUCH an amazing shot. Really...this is magazine-worthy. :)

Reedy 159

Mike & Nicole got married in an outside gazebo with all of their guests sitting and standing on a hillside to watch (which you can't see here). I really enjoyed the casual nature of their ceremony. There wasn't a dry eye in the place.Reedy 187

Again, not a dry eye. This was Nicole's maid of honor.

Reedy 203

She is so cute, and so good! It's usually hit or miss with most flower girls/ring bearers. She was absolutely perfect.

Reedy 195

Ever so humorously dramatic. :)

Reedy 218

This was a locket given to Nicole by her Aunt. I didn't get the full story but it was a very emotional moment when Nicole realized that her aunt had interwoven it into her bouquet. It must be very special to her. You can't see it in this photo but Nicole is wiping her eyes and just about to give her aunt a big hug. :)

Reedy 241

Not only did Nicole & Mike have a wedding cake, but they had one of these homemade chocolate cakes for EVERY table to share. I thought that was such a great touch (and delicious).

Reedy 250

The lighting inside the barn was pretty much all natural by way of huge open portions of the wall. That coupled with these "floating" globes of light made our photography so nice.

Reedy 323

Aaahhhh...what started out as a lovely, romantical dance...

Reedy 332

Turned into...

Reedy 340

the most...

Reedy 343


Reedy 353


Reedy 357

you'd ever...

Reedy 364

wanna see!

Reedy 370

This was the sun shining in as it was going down.

Reedy 416

Which made for this really cool silhouette shot.

Reedy 491