Sarah & Andrew

Well, Christmas is coming and with it came a cold blast of winter. We've been staying home a lot all huddled around the fireplace and I hope all of you are keeping warm too! Can't wait for Santa! Both John and I met Sarah and Andrew in Oakland this past week for an engagement shoot. WOW it was cold but we all had a fun time.  What I liked about Sarah and Andrew is that they weren't afraid to be romantic and sweet with each other in front of us, which made our job really easy.

This first shot is such a great "guy" shot. Andrew pulled off the "scruffy/sexy" look quite well. :)


And I love when I catch a shot that shows exactly what the shot was all about (a kiss) but cuts the shot off at an odd angle. This was a really sweet moment and I added a little grain for a more artistic feel.


This was an idea I had that didn't quite work out the way I wanted but I really liked this one shot. I had Sarah and Andrew go into a coffee cafe and sit at a table at the window (thanks to the gentlemen that WAS sitting at the table who agreed to move :)) I shot thru the window from the outside and I was going for some movement in the cafe around them but no one else was in the shop, if you can believe it. But I was able to capture this sweet moment when they were holding hands and Sarah had placed her head in her hand.


Ok--so continuing with the urban thing I had going on in the other engagement shoot--I wanted to recreate what I had done in the center of the intersection at S. Craig St. and Forbes Ave. So, again, I had a great couple that was willing to dodge traffic for a cool shot. I thought this was a great one because of the spark of light that popped up between Sarah and Andrew's heads as they shared a kiss.


This last shot was John's idea. I love close-up shots and this one brought attention to Sarah's engagement ring, which was very beautiful. Of course the look they're sharing doesn't hurt the shot either. :)