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Let’s Get Together

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Live Events


It’s SUCH an exciting time to be a female photographer right now!


This career choice has opened up huge for our gender and it has been an incredible experience to watch strong, independent women grow into this beautiful creative career choice. Here at Elizabeth Craig Education, we think it’s time we unite our superpowers and help each other to grow and sustain our businesses through education, support and general cheerleading for each other.

With this in mind, Elizabeth Craig Eduction would like to present The Art & Business of Photography Collaboration: a monthly meetup for female photographers of any genre.

Each monthly gathering will be designed to bring you, the lovely attendees, a specific topic of photography education in a fun format, such as live shoots, guest speakers, mini-workshops, roundtable discussions, hot seat brainstorming and of course, social gatherings to keep you filled up to the brim with friendship and love from all the new friends you’re going to make!


What To Expect




Come out and join us for our first gathering and meet-n-greet! This will be a casual get-together that will give you a chance to meet and make a few new besties with other local female photogs. Wine and refreshments will be provided.

Marketing Secrets to Success

July 25, 2019 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm

Join Elizabeth as she teaches you her best marketing tips and tricks to get more clients. Meet special guest, Dominique Murray, owner of Dominique Murray Photography, as she gives you to low down on all the secrets to hash tagging you never knew, but wish you did.

Each guest is asked to bring an alcoholic or non-alcoholics beverage to share and one food dish or appetizer to share as well. 

**You must be an arising/novice or professional photographer to attend this event.


PAST Live shoot


Join Elizabeth Craig as she teaches her best posing techniques, and shows you her top flow poses for both boudoir and beauty shoots on live models. You will learn Elizabeth's best 12-flow poses as she works live with 3 models and 3 sets. Attendees are encouraged to bring their cameras as there will be time alotted for practice and portfolio building.

Each guest is asked to bring an alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage to share.

**You must be an arising/novice or professional photographer to attend this event.